Monday, June 9, 2008

The facts of life, revisited!

One of the great inspirations for this blog is the Italian mockumentary Svezia: Inferno e Paradiso aka Sweden Heaven and Hell. On our recent national holiday, one of Sweden's largest TV channels decided to do an extensive review of Klubb Super 8's new DVD of the film - click here to see the full clip in Swedish!

Wait for the end when the reviewer flips the DVD cover to reveal a Japanese poster, supplied by yours truly, and proceeds to gush over how cool and beautiful it is. The TV presenters have a good laugh at the film's perception of Sweden as an ultra-permissive country... and then continue the DVD reviews by showing a mind-blowing splatter scene from the Japanese revenge shocker Lady Snowblood! All this at 9 o'clock in the morning!

Above is a reprise of the Japanese artwork. I have some more goodies from the film coming up, but in the meantime read my original post and marvel at the German, Australian and Italian paper!


Michael said...

I love it! What's the film like? As good as that poster?

armin said...

It looks like finally we get to know the truth about the Swedish.......!