Monday, July 23, 2007


Well hello there! This will be a blog about things that interest me: cult movies, indie music, cool comics, odd books, weird Japanese T-shirts... you know the stuff, right? Maybe not, but you'll get the idea. I travel a lot in my work so perhaps I'll talk about that too. Anyway, the one thing I really want to get up here are pictures of movie posters from my own collection, including lots of wild exploitation art from Mexico, Italy, Japan and of course Sweden. If you like that kind of stuff stick around - there will be a lot of clickable images that have not been seen anywhere else!

I'll start off by explaining the name of the blog. It refers to the Swedish film Rymdinvasion i Lapland, aka Invasion of the Animal People, aka Terror in the Midnight Sun. This is the kind of stuff that makes me proud to be a Swede. Even though it is officially one of the worst movies ever made, this 1959 monster/sci fi epic, set in the northernmost regions of Sweden, played in cinemas all over the world! Pictured here is the Spanish 1-sheet poster. I love the crazy kid-with-crayons art style, and even more the fact that for many people, this was probably what defined their view of Sweden: snow, pine trees, skis, reindeer, and the occasional man in a furry monster suit. All that would change soon enough, thanks mainly to some enterprising documentary and art film producers, but that's a different story...

This indispensable film is out on DVD from Something Weird Video and Klubb Super 8 - here's a sample!

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