Sunday, September 14, 2008

SEE! "The Eden of Sweden!"

To celebrate that I have just handed in an article about Luigi Scattini's infamous mondo movie Sweden Heaven and Hell to a well-known magazine, let's take a look at some ballyhoo from the pressbook!

SEE: "The Love Cruise"! A training trip for turned-on teens!
SEE: "The Bachelorette Party"! A bride-to-be's last fling!
SEE: "Monlighting Nudes"! Meter-maids by day - models at night!
SEE: "The Swap Shop"! A trade-in deal for married couples only!
SEE: "The Polar Bare Club"! The world's most beautiful snow-girls!

And so much more - I have included some scans at extra high resolution so you can find out for yourself!


Michael said...

Is the article about what a national embarrassment those lascivious Swedes are?! Is the movie good? Link us to the article if it comes online, will ya?

Lars Erik said...

Yes on all three!