Sunday, March 30, 2008

Said the Spider to the Bat

Superhero movies are almost always ridiculous, reinforced by the tongue-in-cheek style set by the Batman TV series of the 60's. One wonders how much of the intentional humor of the series was picked up by Maura Monti and friends in La Mujer murciélago, better known as Batwoman, the Mexican Batman imitation? Perhaps we should just be happy that unlike Monti on the Mexican one-sheet, below, Adam West never wore a bikini! The film is hard to see today but it did have an international release, playing Italy under the title L'Invincible Superdonna - as proven by this Italian two-sheet. Incredibly, it also played Germany under the more than bizarre title Draculas Tochter und Professor Satanas - I guess the Batman connection was not as hot over there! Too bad I can't show you that poster, some other time perhaps...

Obviously inspired by Italian superhero train-wrecks such as Superargo Contro Diabolikus, as well as the Japanese Spiderman, some internet entrepreneurs have released a fabulous spoof trailer for Italian Spiderman. It is pitch-perfect down to the releasing company logo ("Alrugo!") and fake video drop-outs, and comes complete with an implausible backstory about the only full-length print being lost in a shipwreck... But what finally tipped us off that this is not a real time-capsule artifact was not the made-up Italian accents, the more than inspired acting, or the fact that it seems to be filmed in a college dorm backyard - it is that no real Italian would drink his macchiato from such a big cup!

If anyone can fill us in on the real story behind this inspired trailer we'd love to hear it!

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