Sunday, February 3, 2008

Poster shopping around the world, part 2: Tokyo

The Internet has all but destroyed the market for "brick-and-mortar" poster shops, but there are still a few left across the world, and nothing can beat the feeling of looking though hundreds of great posters in piles and on the walls of a really great shop. In Tokyo, the best deals can be had at Nakano Broadway, the "collector's supermall" a few stops outside the JR Yamanote line, or in second-hand shops at Jimbocho, the bookshop district. But for a high-class shopping experience, go no further than the Akasaka Cinematheque! A venerable store run by several generations of poster lovers, it has a great ambiance and is worth a visit, even though the stock does not seem to be changing a lot lately. But if you have time to sit down with their catalogs and you are bound to find a few gems, both Japanese and international. Beware that it is very hard to find as there is no sign of the shop outside the building - unless you read Japanese!


craig said...

I will be visiting Japan in November, 2011 and will definitely visit the Akasaka poster store.

Would you know by chance if Japan National Railway or any of the private railroad companies have issued any posters that might be obtainable ? Thank you

Lars Erik said...

No, nothing apart from a Totoro poster which was issued in collaboration with JR.
But I recommend you visit one of the poster forums (e.g. Not Suitable For General Exhibition or Allposterforum) - there are several experts there!
Enjoy Japan!

Erik said...

Hi, thanks for this information! But: the link to the shop seems dead, and I can't find it on google maps. Would you know if the store has closed? Or: could you point out the location on a google map, so I can go and check for myself?

Again, thanks for the info!

Lars Erik said...

Sorry, I have not been there for years so I am not sure if it still exists! Try asking at