Saturday, August 25, 2007

Put The Mask on NOW!!!

The Mask is a truly unforgettable experience. (It should not be confused with the Jim Carrey vehicle of the same name, based on a comic book which drew on this 1961 film.) A Canadian 3D-production, it uses the third dimension in a very unique way. The story is about an ancient mask that induces hallucinations. For screenings, patrons were given cardboard 3D-glasses in the same skull shape as the mask in the film. Whenever someone puts on The Mask, a voice booms out: "PUT THE MASK ON NOW!!!" The audience puts on their own masks - and experiences the hero's hallucinations in glorious 3D! It's an incredibly suggestive and fun gimmick. I wish someone would put out this long lost gem on a special edition DVD, complete with 3D Mask replicas! In the meantime, lets rejoice in the fact that the film must have fried a lot of Swedish brains during its release here, and also take a look at the great US half-sheet (note the instructions to the audience!) and a wondrous UK double bill with Italian shocker The Young, the Evil and the Savage.


tintarchive said...

The quad and half sheet are outstanding, Lars Erik! As a completist and paper jealousy expert, I'd say that my assortment (3sh, 6sh and Eyes of Hell OS) is not yet complete. And I've never seen the film! Let's lobby for that DVD now! You should be celebrating Canada!

Lars Erik Holmquist said...

Well, it sounds like you have me beat on SIZE if not numbers! Try to seek out a bootleg or something of the film, it really needs to be seen - preferably with skull-shaped glasses!